Product quality control

To ensure the quality of our products, we focus on quality control in our factories.
We also accept quality measurement requests for products manufactured outside the company.

At Kanae Kogyo, we emphasise quality control processes to produce better products. We have measurement facilities that small and medium-sized manufacturing plants are not fully prepared for, and we use them not only to guarantee the quality of our products, but also to further improve quality. In addition to products manufactured in-house, we also respond to requests from outside companies. We support manufacturing.

Example of quality measurement menu

  • Measurement of product dimensions, shape, volume and surface area
  • Simulation using CAD data, etc.
  • Roundness, cylindricity, inner and outer diameter of a circle
  • Flatness, parallelism, squareness, position
  • Line roughness measurement, surface roughness measurement, plane measurement
  • Surface roughness
  • Contour shape
  • Coating thickness measurement, material analysis

Quality measuring instruments

KANAE KOGYO has the following measuring instruments.

CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine

CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine Crysta-Apex C9168

Contact type CMM with high accuracy and high speed drive, CNC programming is possible with CNC geometric element measurement analysis software. CNC geometric element measurement analysis software enables CNC programming, teaching and simulation using CAD data. The measuring range is X:900mm x Y:1600mm x Z:800mm.

One-shot 3D shape measuring machine

One-shot 3D shape measuring machine VR-3000

Non-contact, high-precision measuring machine that performs 3D measurement in the fastest 4 seconds. Capable of profile measurement, average step measurement, volume/surface area measurement, line roughness measurement, surface roughness measurement and plane measurement.

Image Dimension Measuring Machine

Image Dimension Measuring Machine IM-7000

Quickly and accurately measure width, radius, height and other dimensions with this single unit that can measure CNC image dimension measuring machines, measuring microscopes, projectors, form measuring machines, callipers and micrometers.

Digital Microscope

Digital MicroscopeVHX-8000

Real-time measurement is possible during observation. Super-resolution images and high-definition, high-contrast observation are possible using a single wavelength of light. Includes functions of stereo microscope, SEM, metallurgical microscope and measuring microscope.

Roundness and cylindricity measuring instrument  

Roundness and cylindricity measuring instrument  RA-1600

PC-compatible roundness and cylindricity measuring instrument equipped with a variety of analysis functions to flexibly handle a wide range of workpieces. Maximum measurement diameter: Φ280mm, vertical travel: 300mm, maximum load weight: 25kg.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Coordinate Measuring MachineAE112

Contact-type CMM capable of measuring geometric tolerances such as circle inner/outer diameter, flatness, parallelism, squareness and positional tolerance. The measuring range is X:500mm x Y:400mm x Z:300mm.

Surface roughness tester

Surface roughness tester SV-3100

High-precision and multifunctional stylus-type surface roughness measuring instrument. Positioning speed (X-axis: max. 80 mm/s, Z-axis: max. 30 mm/s)

Contour measuring instrument

Contour measuring instrument CV-3100

Contour measuring instrument with high accuracy and high resolution. Positioning speed (X-axis: max. 80 mm/s, Z-axis: max. 30 mm/s)

X-ray fluorescence film thickness gauge

X-ray fluorescence film thickness gauge XDL210

Highly versatile X-ray fluorescence thickness gauge for coating thickness measurement and material analysis of plated parts, printed circuit boards, etc.

Quality Measurement Business

KANAE KOGYO offers measurement services for third-party products.
Please contact us for measurement of metal products and parts for manufacturing plants, contract manufacturers, trading companies, etc.

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