Airbag Parts

Production of airbag storage boxes by pressure welding

We manufacture airbag storage cases for car manufacturers using the press-welding process. Airbags require highly accurate and reliable technology as they are products that protect human life. We also supply them to overseas manufacturing plants.

To ensure the important function of protecting passengers, KANAE KOGYO pursues high dimensional accuracy and guarantees all welded parts assembled. Chrome-free plating makes these products environmentally friendly.


Airbag Parts
Air bag Parts
Airbag Parts
Airbag Parts

Technique and Quality

  • Five types of airbags are produced: driver seat, passenger seat, side, curtain and knee.
  • Mass production and cost reduction are achieved through our precision press technology.
  • High quality is ensured by an integrated production inspection process.

Airbags are now commonplace. They are essential parts that protect passengers. In order to guarantee this important function 100%, we strive for high dimensional accuracy and guarantee all welded parts that are assembled and delivered to our customers. In addition, the plating is chrome-free.

Monthly Production Volume

Product Monthly production volume Number of items produced Additional
Air bag parts 87,000 12  

(Results November 2018)